The Barbican, Copper Edition - Will Clarke (signed by the artist)

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Artist: Will Clarke

Limited Edition of 100

Size: A3

Description: The Barbican, despite the misconception, was never actually built as social housing. In fact much of the building was intended to provide exclusive housing, with a number of the apartments on the upper levels of the towers designed as penthouses. This area of London suffered serious bomb damage and loss of life during the Second World War, and discussions on what to do with the war-ravaged site began shortly after the end of the war. A decision to build residential properties was reached in 1957 and the Barbican went under construction in the 1960s, with the aim of providing a centre for living and socialising. It remains one of the greatest examples of brutalist architecture in Europe and is now Grade II listed.

Interestingly, the site dates back to Roman times. Chamberlain, Powell and Bon, the architects responsible for the design of the complex, were very keen to introduce modern techniques but also to include references to its historical context within the city. Thus, there are many areas within the construction, including the name, that remind us of the site’s ancient history. The name “Barbican” actually derives from the Latin word “Barbecana”, meaning fortified gateway or defensive structure, and refers to the main fort that was built in this area of Roman London (or “Londinium”) between 90 and 120 AD.

The artist says: 'In this two-coloured limited edition screen print, I have depicted the Barbican from the air to highlight its scale and geometrical, Brutalist design. It is truly remarkable that such a huge complex can exist in such a central location in a city where space is at a premium. Whether you like the construction or not, it has proved to be one of the great successes of modern architecture and is still fully occupied and provides a range of entertainments from the gallery to the cinema.

In this illustration, I have used gold to abstractly highlight areas across the entire site. The print is all hand produced to a limited edition and the illustration is carefully constructed to be accurate to the layout of the complex.' Will Clarke

Hand pulled A3 limited edition screen print signed and numbered by the artist. The print measures 29.7cm x 42cm.

Printed onto 280gsm 'pure white' acid free paper, this limited edition hand pulled screen print is taken from the hand drawn original by Will Clarke. All prints are created using non toxic ink pigments which have been developed and mixed by the artist.