Untitled 8, c.1963 - Syd Barrett

Untitled 8, c.1963 - Syd Barrett

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Artist: Syd Barrett

Size: 61 x 51 cm

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Fine Art Prints, smooth white cotton rag 310GSM


‘‘Rock fans idolise Syd Barrett, the tormented genius behind Pink Floyd. When he quit the band in his early twenties, he returned to his first love - painting..’’ The Sunday Times Magazine  

Universally known as the brilliant front man to Pink Floyd’s original line up, Syd Barrett's life has courted much mystery since his departure from the band in the sixties. Painting, his lesser known creative output, has come far from his first exhibition in a Cambridgeshire village pub in 1964, to a single still life fetching over £9,500 at auction in 2006. Despite being shy of the media spotlight in the latter years of his life, the public interest in Barrett’s creative brilliance has continued long past his death.  

When Syd Barrett's father died in 1961, it was a big shock for young Syd who was fifteen at the moment. He later made a painting in pencil and oil on board where a woman clutches two children to her at the coliseum. Lions with bared teeth threaten to devour them. There was the sense of him, his sister and his mother being thrown to the lions.