Visscher Classic with latin text(1616) Print

Visscher Classic with latin text(1616) Print

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Artist: Visscher

Print Type: Giclee

- 161cm x 55cm including border giclée prints
- 206cm x 71cm (80% size) including border giclee print
- 258cm x 59cm including border giclee print

The Visscher panorama is an engraving by Claes Visscher (1586-1652) depicting a panorama of London. It shows an imagined view of London in around 1600. The engraving was first published in Amsterdam in 1616, with the title "Londinum Florentissima Britanniae Urbs Toto Orbe Celeberrimum Emporiumque". This is the 1st edition as it appeared, alongside a lengthy description (in Latin) of London, lifted from Britannia, William Camden’s 1608 survey of Britain.

Robin Reynolds

Robin Reynolds spent most of his working life in journalism and business communications in the United Kingdom. Latterly he was responsible for the BBC’s art and history collections.

Initially he pursued drawing in spare time between work and family commitments. But since 2010 he has been developing stories in pictures full-time, along a number of themes – notably fantasy townscapes and disasters.