Brighton at Night from Space - Laura Melissa Williams

Brighton at Night from Space - Laura Melissa Williams

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Media: Prints
Dimensions: 60 x 85 cm
Signed: front

Limited edition Giclee print, hand embellished with gold leaf. 

The original painting was created using various inks and bleach to create luminosity and contrast. 

Limited Edition of 500
Signed by the artist

Laura is a mixed media artist and photographer, with a core specialism in ink and bleach painting - she is most well known for her paintings of cities at night from space.
Developing her passion for exploring our world from different perspectives, Laura is now a certified paragliding club pilot. Laura’s passion is learning about and representing the language of the skies and the systems of the earth in her art practice. She uses her experiences in the air and above the land as inspiration for new visual narratives. 
Laura is self-taught and currently studying a Diploma in Fine Art at the Art Academy in London. She grew up in a rural village in North Yorkshire and now live and works back in London - the city where she was born.