By Kayak - Anne-Laure Carruth (signed)

By Kayak - Anne-Laure Carruth (signed)

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Artist: Anne-Laure Carruth

Print: Giclee on Xpression Smooth 300gsm (Smooth)

Size: 29.7 cm x 29.7 cm

Description:  From the series Urban Artventuring. "My favourite place to kayak is the tidal section between the Westminster boating base (at Pimlico) and Putney. I like the view from the surface of the river - on a Sunday morning it is often pretty quiet. I particularly lived a very pea soupy day when we had to start the journey with torches on the kayaks - you don't actually realise how foggy it is until you are wear the river and there are no points of reference and so you literally can't see anything. As the fog rose, you could start to make out the grey herons and cormorants flying above the water. I'm also obsessed with houseboats and the idea of living a very different lifestyle just meters away from the glass box riverside flats. There are some wonderfully fancy houseboats around Chelsea Reach which are either bobbing around or wallowing in mud depending on the ride."

Limited Edition of 20

Signed by the artist